The West African Human Rights Defenders’ Network took part in the meeting held from December 2 to 5 in Switzerland by the Human Rights Council Network, a network engaged in advocacy with the United Nations Human Rights Council.
The HRCNet, which brings together NGOs from all regions of the world, during the four days examined:

1. Priority issues for members
2. Evolution of the political landscape: what needs to be done to strengthen the Council
3 .Opportunity to strengthen the Human Rights Council in 2018
4. What is needed by members to strengthen the network?
5. Issues to be advocated as a network-thematic/country/institutional? What role for the coordinator to advocate for these?
6. How do the members work together to meet challenges, including network institutional issues?
7. How do the members pursue funding for the network together?

The meeting started on the 2nd, December 2017 in Geneva, at the International Service for Human Rights’ office, and ended the 5th of the same month at Château de Lucens.
This is the first meeting organized by the coordinator, Michael ANTHONY, newly recruited for the HRCNet, and whose skills have been particularly welcomed by members of the Network.
The next appointment is taken for 2018.